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Trackstar Racing is a motocross clothing brand I created to work on company branding. My inspiration was drawn from many of the motocross brands I have enjoyed using when participating in the motocross, as most of their designs have bold or vibrant elements. 


This branding was aimed at an audience of males from 17 - 35 years old as this is a large demographic in the racing community. I solidify the company’s identity by sticking to a recognizable colour palette. The cyan and yellow were chosen so the branding would be energetic. White and off black were chosen to give the cyan/yellow element more prominence and re-enforce the design hierarchy.


The "Motocrosser" icon is featured doing various tricks that are popular amongst stunt riders. This helps the brand reach out to a demographic of riders that may not exclusively partake in motocross racing.

Featured are the various pieces of stationary the company may use when promoting themselves.

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